Grandma's Boy 2006

A thirty-five-year-old video game tester has to move in with his grandma and her two old lady roommates.

All Titles
  • US: Grandma's Boy Grandma's Boy
  • BR: Queridinho da Vovó Queridinho da Vovó
  • BG: Момчето на баба Момчето на баба
  • CA: Le garçon à mamie Le garçon à mamie
  • FR: Crazy Party Crazy Party
  • GR: Sygatoikoi stin trela Sygatoikoi stin trela
  • HU: A nagyi szeme fénye A nagyi szeme fénye
  • IT: Cocco di nonna Cocco di nonna
  • LT: Seneles berniukas Seneles berniukas
  • NO: Grandma's Boy Grandma's Boy
  • PL: Babcisynek Babcisynek
  • PT: O Matulão da Vovó O Matulão da Vovó
  • RU: Мальчик на троих Мальчик на троих
  • RS: Bakin dečko Bakin dečko
  • ES: Play Boy: el rey del mando Play Boy: el rey del mando
  • US: Nana's Boy Nana's Boy
Directed by Nicholaus Goossen show all movies of Nicholaus Goossen
Artists Rob Schneider
as Yuri
Shirley Knight
as Bea
Linda Cardellini
as Samantha
Release date 06 Jan 2006
Genre Comedy
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